All Football in England Will End Immediately

  • April 2, 2020

Football in England is ended for uncertain time. As we know Corona becomes the main issue for all people in the world today. It gives impact not only for people’s health but it influences so many aspects in our life. There are some important events in the world that should be cancelled or suspended because of this virus. This virus also influences football’s life in England. All football clubs in England under the National League will end as soon as possible because the condition is worst time to time. There will be no promotion and also relegation in all leagues. This virus also influences men’s FA Cup schedule and some other cup competitions. It is really hard decision especially for Football in England because there are so many people waiting for the result of this league.

Now all people try to think and focus on the safety and also welfare for all clubs, players, officials, staffs, supporters and also volunteers during this pandemic. There is urgent meeting that will be done soon too to discuss about the continuity of Premier League and EFL. In this meeting, it will be decided about when we can start again and some other things. There are some financial impacts because this virus too and it really influences the overall football clubs. Women’s football is also ended for unpredictable time because we need to think for the global health condition and really support our world to be free from this virus and then have better condition soon. How about Football Association sees this condition? Football association still consider to review all options to complete the men’s FA club too.

According to some sources, the Premier League will be started again in July this year but it depends on the situation that we face next several months. It is related with government’s decision to allow competition or not. Corona is not as simple disease today. It attacks more than 199 countries in the world and really give impact for the football competition not only in England but in all countries in the world. It is dangerous to let players to play the competition because today there are same football players that suspected to get Covid-19 infection. It is terrible too play the competition without supporter too. People will really miss football competition and all players need to stay at home first to make themselves free too from this virus so they can play football again when condition is going better in the future time.

As it is said above, corona is not only giving impact to Premier League and other Football events in England but according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, major public events will be cancelled to reduce the spread of corona in England. It is also to protect public services. This decision is not taken in easy way, EFL must prioritize health and also condition of all places and considered this time as outbreak for the football events in England. Football is also suspended in some other countries such as in Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, France, USA and also Spain.  Some analysist predicts April or July as the impossible return for Football in England.

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