Help Fight the Corona Virus, Manchester City Offers the Etihad Stadium for Medical Purposes

  • April 2, 2020

The world is currently busy with the Coronavirus outbreak. Increasingly, the number of victims of this epidemic continues to grow. Unfortunately, the number of victims of this outbreak cannot be matched by the various facilities that are currently owned by the medical authorities. As a result, various medical personnel now feel overwhelmed to accept the growing number of Coronavirus patients. One of them is a place to accommodate and isolate victims.

Seeing this precarious situation, one of the top clubs in English Premier League football, Manchester City, offers the Etihad Stadium as a place to help the medical staff in England. They also did this as an effort to combat the Coronavirus outbreak, which has now become a global pandemic. Previously it was known that Manchester City and Manchester United had also donated and to help overcome the Coronavirus outbreak in England worth 100,000 pounds.

This step has been done by many top clubs in Europe, such as Real Madrid for example. It has offered the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium to medical workers as a place to store various medical equipment and supplies as well as organizations and businesses to make financial donations against the Coronavirus outbreak.

The City policy of deciding to use their Etihad Stadium to help deal with the Coronavirus outbreak is linked because right now the English League match is being suspended for an indefinite time. Therefore, he also allowed using the stadium executive room and conference room to be used as a training room for doctors and nurses during the Corona outbreak.

Not only the English League, but most of the soccer leagues on the European Continent have also experienced similar things, such as the Spanish League, the Italian League, even the Champions League, and the European League. UEFA itself has made a policy to temporarily eliminate matches that have been previously scheduled. Even if forced to implement, the best option chosen by UEFA is to hold matches without spectators, to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak. But, it seems difficult to be realized because most football associations also rejected the plan.

Until Saturday morning yesterday, victims of the Coronavirus outbreak in the UK alone reached 260 people for the category of death, bringing the total to 1,019 people. 17,089 cases were found alone. This also made Britain one of the seven countries with the highest death toll in the world after Italy, Spain, China, Iran, France, and the United States.

Other news also mentioned that currently the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was positively affected by the Coronavirus. He also became the leader of the first country in the world to declare himself infected with the Coronavirus on Friday, according to the results of an examination that had been done previously. He also experienced the process of isolation in his own office at this time.

At the same time, the British government is preparing to face the peak of this global pandemic next week. They have also targeted victims of the Coronavirus outbreak as many as 20,000 people.

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